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    Steve Lockhart

    All appointments are 60 minutes, currently online on Zoom.


    Compassion Inquiry® Counseling

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    BraveSoul Coaching


    Life Experiences

    20 Years of entrepreneurship successes and failures

    23 Years in a healthy committed marriage

    Struggles & successes of being a father

    Crises of faith & finding peace within

    Times of deep loneliness & connection

    Going through a chaotic energetic experience

    Deep personal spiritual experiences


    Influential Teachers In My Life


    Soul connection

    Philip McKernan

    Gabor Mate (Compassion Inquiry training)

    Anthony De Mello teachings



    Have you ever felt like something is missing but are unsure what it is you are even looking for?


    Do you experience loneliness even though you have family and friends?


    Have you felt like there is a battle inside but are unsure of why and what is happening?


    Do you want a deeper connection to others and yourself?


    Do you find that life is unsatisfying most of the time?


    Are you always thinking about the future or past and have a hard time being present?


    Deep down you realize there is more to you, but for whatever reason haven't been able to access it.


    You know somewhere at a deep level, that you don't have to stay in the state you are currently in.



  • The constant need to be something other than yourself can be exhausting.

    Pay attention to anything that leads you back to yourself and aligns with your truth.

    The intellectual well of knowledge is abundant and tapped into, but the well of our own soul is full and rarely drank from.

    What does healing mean to you?

    Instead of trying to fix or change yourself, seek to understand and accept.

    I’m less interested in giving you a how-to and more interested in you connecting to what’s available within yourself. We have what we need but it’s often hidden from us, covered by our emotions.

    A Better question to ask is, what creates it, and where does it come from, than how do you get rid of it.

    There is no shortcut to mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being.

    What’s one conversation you could have today that would unburden you some, so the upcoming week would be better?

    Books are good, knowledge is great, but conversations spoken from soul to soul through the door of vulnerability have the ability to awaken our sleeping self.

    Have you become so convinced of the idea of who you are, that you have forgotten what it feels like to be you?

    Is our attachment to a fantasy holding us back from a great reality.

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