• Beyond Belief

    8-Week Guided Journey

    Live Online Experience

    Limited to 8 People.

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    Let your soul lead, your heart follow, and your mind serve.

    Join a small group where we explore the experiences that go from belief to knowing.

    Personal spiritual experiences that are deeply embodied and healing to your nervous system.

    Why I Started This Group

    In the last few years, I started having deeply personal spiritual experiences that I wanted to be able to share with others. It felt like a privilege and something I'm so profoundly grateful for. These experiences were the ones that I had read about in books, and I was surprised because of how REAL it became. I'll tell you about one of many; it was an experience of FORGIVENESS, where it felt like sunshine on my cells, and every cell in my body was gently relaxing. I could feel my body responding in a way I never thought possible. My whole body was affected; there was nothing intellectual about it. I had heard and read about forgiveness all my life but had never experienced it like this, a deep-felt embodiment that had a lasting impact on my physicality.  

    My desire with this group is to take you on the journey to opening up and activating your connection. Then after you leave this group, it will set you on a path where you can experience your own personal miracles.


    About This Guided Experience

    Claiming your spiritual birthright will cause changes in your lived experience on this earth. This journey is the leap from knowledge to experience, from intellect to embodiment, and it's where your relationship with Source truly becomes personal.

    What happens in your body? How does this work manifest in your lived life? It's a deep embodiment of peace and stillness. A calm nervous system. An awareness of our oneness, a connection to our earth, clarity of your purpose, less fear, a comfort in the uncomfortable, an opening of your spiritual gifts and the ability to see or feel the unseen.


    Why You May be Called to this Group

    • You would like to set yourself on the pathway to begin experiencing deeper spiritual experiences that influence your now-lived life?

    • You are tired of heightened experiences without lasting embodiment.

    • You are curious and looking for a deeper healing experience.

    • You know somewhere deep within that you belong to something bigger than yourself.

    • You want to experience a win, like taking a breath of life into yourself.

    • You want less fear and more love.

    • You want to claim back spirituality for yourself in a way that is personal to you.

    • You want to know what it feels like to go from living in your head to being your heart.

    • You have intellectual concepts of your soul but lack a deep embodiment of a spiritual experience.

    • You have read books and know about healing but haven’t experienced integrating it into your body beyond intellectual knowledge.

    This Journey Is Designed To Support You To:

    • Learn to experience peace and stillness within yourself.

    • Deeply integrate your spiritual experiences into your nervous system, reality, and daily life.

    • Become aware of the obstacles in the way of feeling deeply connected to Source.

    • Get to know the doors that connect you to a feeling of peace and connection.

    • Learn how your life shows you what you feel and believe about yourself and the world.

    • Learn how to make contact with that which is greater than ourselves.

    • Heal your nervous system at a deep level.

    • Create a new personal relationship with God/Source.

    • You understand that this is a lifelong journey, and this is the beginning of a path that leads back to you; there are no quick solutions that get you to a so-called end place.

    • Learn to experience your own stillness and, from this, receive healing to your body.

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  • Reclaim Your Spiritual Birthright


    Dates & Length

    August 28th

    8 Weeks




    Weekly Online Zoom Meetings



    Group Size

    Maximum 8 Souljourners



    Have a quiet space with no interruptions

    8 weeks

    Attend Live Calls

    Weekly deepening practices




    Payment Plan Available