• Loneliness to Connection

    6-Week Guided Journey

    Live Online Experience

    Limited to 8 People.

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    Begin walking on the path out of loneliness towards the feeling of peace and connection.

    Loneliness is a worldwide epidemic; a sense of belonging and a feeling of connection is the antidote.

    Why I Started this Group


    "I know what it feels like to walk this earth feeling deeply lonely. I spent years seeking information, guidance, experiences, healing and more to try and fill the void that I felt. Even with a loving family and support, the deep disconnection and pain of separateness was always nagging at me. Through this journey, I found helpers, experiences and healing along the way that brought me to where I am today - a place of being deeply connected to myself.

    This whole journey was over 20 years, but I know now that it doesn't have to take that long. My desire is to share with you those things that helped me the most, to guide you on this journey and to help you along this path so you can come to a place where you feel more connected to yourself."


    This Is For You If :

    • You experience loneliness even though you're with family and friends.

    • You feel that no one REALLY knows who you are.

    • You would like to set yourself on the pathway back to connection with yourself and others.

    • You're tired of paying the cost of staying where you are and not beginning the journey to connect.

    • You have read books and know about healing but haven't experienced integrating it into your body beyond intellectual knowledge.

    • You understand that this is a lifelong journey, and this is the beginning of a path that leads back to you; there are no quick solutions that get you to a so-called end place.

    • You're tired of coping with the pain of loneliness.

    • You want a deeper connection to yourself and others

    • You want to save time trying to figure it out on your own.

    • You want to be and learn in a supportive group.

    This Journey Is Designed To Support You To: 

    • Learn what separates you from yourself and others.

    • Feel a deeper embodiment.

    • Lessen the pain of loneliness.

    • Learn to experience peace and stillness within yourself.

    • Get to know the doors that lead you to feel peace and connection.

    • Become aware of the obstacles that get in the way of feeling deeply connected to yourself and others.

    • Learn how your life shows you what you feel and believe about yourself and the world.

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  • Loneliness to Connection



    First Group

    July 28nd



    Weekly Live Zoom Calls




    Group Size

    Maximum 8 People



    6 weeks

    Attend Live Calls

    Weekly deepening practices



    $750 (Cad)

    Payment Plan Available