• The Grace Zone

    12 week Guided Journey

    Small-Group Experience

    Starting July 22nd

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    Build off the energy of a group that is supported in a field of creativity and possibility. Be supported and move through the times you feel stuck or blocked. Be inspired and supported by others and create with the energy of balance. 

    (the space between forcing and allowing)

    Why I Created This Group

    I've been in coaching programs, courses and events, and so often, after intentions are set, plans are made, and deep insights recorded, they can quickly lose momentum when the first obstacles arrive when we are back in our "real" life. This is a long-term supported space for you to bring your dream/goal/purpose to life. This group is a space of intention and creation with the compounded effect of collective momentum, lifting each member to new levels and helping birth ideas, getting through the hard parts and supporting each other by carrying each purpose. A rising tide raises all boats; it's so much easier to build with the energy of a group. The commitment of 22 weeks allows enough time for each member to really face, grow and go through a full evolution of change. Nothing is ever instant, and bringing ideas and our work to life takes a maintained energy state that has much more ease with an aligned group dynamic.

    This is for you if

    • You have a dream or vision that you've struggled to bring to life.

    • You're looking for a group of support and accountability as you go through the creation process.

    • You want to be part of a positive collective energy that is focused on bringing ideas into reality.

    • You want to understand what gets in the way and learn how to move through it.

    This Journey Is Designed To Support You To:

    • Be with a group long enough to accomplish your goal.

    • Bring to life a vision that feeds your heart and soul.

    • Do the practical work and see it through.

    • Make incremental changes in your life that will support you.

    • Uncover what gets in the way and allow more of you to show up.

    • Follow your creative expression unapologetically.

    • Become aware of the obstacles that get in the way.

    • Face the obstacles that arise and be supported to move through.

    • Learn to play in the space of grace, the balance between effort and allowing.

    • Allow insights, new ideas, synchronicities, and serendipity to unfold for you. 

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  • How It Works

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    Dates & Length

    September 9th

    12 Weeks

    Plus 2 group followup workshops.





    Weekly Online Zoom Meetings



    Group Size

    Maximum 9



    Have a quiet space with no interruptions

    Attend Live Calls

    Weekly practices





    Payment Plan Available